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The Resistance Edition BAG PHYSIO is the selection for physiotherapists and personal trainer. Golf specific exercises focusing mobility and coordination.

INCLUSIVE: Videopackage Resistance Edition VIDEO (DE, ENG)

For completion of your bag you need Connection Set UNIVERSAL or Connection Set KINESIS.

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Logicalextension Hip

Target Training Area: Full Swing (Power Torque)

Promotes good balance whilst training the correct movement to wind up thebody for maximum power and to unwind the body in a dynamic and explosive manner – Used forboth the back swing and the down swing.

Logicalextension Shoulder

Target Training Area: Full Swing (Speed , Balance & Positioning)

Train ideal shoulder movement on both the back swing and the down swing. Fits comfortably across the chest and promotes a good turn and a steady head. Impact training with the brace will improve speed, balance and positioning of the shoulders to allow for an accurate delivery of the club head. Eliminates fat and thin shots and an over the top golf swing.


Target Training Area: Full Swing (Pivot & Lower Body Movement)

Train with speed and keep the head steady whilst building the power muscles that control the pivot. Golf starts from the ground up and this exercise allows you to feel the complete lower body movement, including the rolling of the ankles, correct knee movement and energy created by the hips.

Logicalbrace (S, M, L)

Target Training Area: Full Swing (Pivot & Lower Body Movement)

Logicalbrace is available in three different sizes (S, M, L). Knee and elbows can be connected to our Logicalresistance products or any similar resistance system. Power comes from the correct pivot which allows you to use the big muscles to their maximum efficiency. Correct knee movement is the secret to controlling the pivot and can easily be felt when using the braces.
To allow the club head to drop on the inside and into the slot for a late release, the right elbow must move on the correct path during both the back swing and the down swing. These movements can be optimally trained through the use of the brace.

Logicalbrace Shoulder

Target Training Area: Putting

Train the stability of the lower body for putting. Use of the brace for shoulder exercises improves the consistency of the movement and therefore much better contact and accuracy. Distance control improves and fat and thin shots are eliminated.

Logicalaccessories Basic (DE or ENG)

Logicalaccessories Basic ist a package consisting out of 13 Videos with all basic exercises of the Logicalaccessories and explanations for correct execution.

Videos in german or englisch language