We are honored and motivated to partner with Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s , Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation to inspire the next generation to love the game of golf. We have a shared mission to make golf accessible for all children.

To grow and diversify the sport, Eat. Learn. Play. is working with a myriad of partners to provide equitable access. We will provide products, online programs and training to make a positive impact and a meaningful contribution to achieve common goals towards their stated challenges and objectives.

“It’s all about engagement and access, we want to reach kids who don’t know anything about the game of golf, or think they aren’t interested, or maybe they are but, hey, they don’t have equipment or can’t get on a course or any of those things. We’re trying to grow the game and do some pretty cool things that hopefully raise awareness of how fun golf is, and also kinda change the culture around it a little bit.”
Stephen Curry (2019, GOLF.COM)

Our interactive learning platform provides great support for kids and teachers to start loving the game!