Logicaltools SL

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The combination of well selected Logicalgolf Training Aids to visualize the essential movements of a perfect swing.

Logicalplane is the ideal training aid for you to build a simple picture of the entire swing from start to finish. The hammer gives a clear illustration of how to use the wrists and to release the club through impact and this will help slicers and those looking for more power and straighter shots.

Logicalextension promotes good balance whilst training the correct movement to wind up the body for maximum power and to unwind the body in a dynamic and explosive manner. Used forboth the back swing and the down swing.

Logicalwhip helps to develop a dynamic and powerful swing. To increase the noise the golfer needs to synchronize all movements and feels where the power comes from. This tool really gives an understanding of an effective acceleration.

The polished aluminium stand fits perfect for the three Trainins Aids.

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